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5 Simple Ways to Reuse and #Reperfect Your Perfect Bites Container

With the launch of Perfect Bites this week we wanted to address one of our favorite parts about our latest product, (besides the delicious, peanut buttery bites of course) — the reusable container! The team has been having a blast finding creative ways to reuse their Bites container after the delicious snacks are finished. We’ve found a few simple, easy hacks for giving new life to your Perfect Bites container rather than just recycling it. Have some more ideas for how to reuse your Perfect Bites container? Let us know – we’re all ears! Show us using #Reperfect

Take a Look At 5 Ways To Reuse Your Perfect Bites Cup

Makeshift Tupperware

The most obvious way to reuse your Perfect Bites container is simply using it as food storage. Our containers make for the perfect little snack container for you or your kiddos. Simply wash out your container once you are all out of Perfect Bites and toss some blueberries, crackers or nuts in it and take your snacks on the go! They also make for a handy little container for your kiddos’ lunch boxes. Another fun and easy hack for reusing your Perfect Bites container that came from a photoshoot idea is stashing your produce. Have a half a lemon or lime? Our containers make for the optimal-sized container to keep your citrus fresh for its next use!

Herb or Succulent Planter

One of the easiest and trendiest ways (if we do say so ourselves) to reuse your Perfect Bites cup is as a planter! A few of us have already adopted this and have been doing this around Perfect Snacks HQ with our finished Perfect Bites containers. It’s as easy as picking your favorite plant, herb or succulent, grabbing some potting soil and you’re good to go. We suggest poking holes in the bottom of your Perfect Bites container before planting for drainage and use the lid as a water saucer.

Pro tip: If you have a second Perfect Bites container, feel free to use it as a shovel of sorts in your soil bag!


Sand Bucket

This is probably the cutest little hack and it comes from our CEO Bill’s little kiddos, Alice and Arjen. They found the perfect use for their Perfect Bites container and we have to say… it makes a darn good sand castle! After snacking on their Bites at the beach, they decided to use the container as a sand bucket, which turns out to be a great size for little hands and a great toy for days at the beach, park or playing in the backyard.

Marie Kondo Your Bathroom

What would Marie Kondo Do? She would definitely find joy in reusing her Perfect Bites container and you should too! But really, this is a super convenient and aesthetically pleasing hack. Perfect Bites containers are great to store cotton rounds, q-tips, bobby pins or anything small that gets tossed around and messy in the bathroom. The best thing about this hack is you can just grab the container, plop the lid on and take it with you on your next trip. Which leads to our next hack…travel organization!

Organize Your Wires and Chargers For Travel

Our final hack to reusing your Perfect Bites container is staying organized while on the go. Simply gather all the necessary chargers or cords, roll them up and neatly place them in your container to keep them from getting tangled in your backpack or purse. This hack was inspired by some of our traveling coworkers, trying to stay on track and organized while out and about.

Ready to give your Bites a new life after enjoying the whole food protein snack?

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Then show us how you’re reusing your cups by using #Reperfect on social media!

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