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6 Toast Toppers Worth Talking About

Toast is having a moment. While most of us have long understood the simple pleasures of creamy avocado and crispy bread, getting fancy with toast toppers has become more of an art than ever before.

Whether it’s an attempt to pack in as many nutrients as possible before you head out the door for the day or you’re just looking to mix multiple flavors together for a truly delectable treat, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll fill up with good-for-you ingredients.  Avocados alone have monounsaturated fats that are associated with lessened inflammation; they’re filled with fiber, help your body absorb other nutrients, and are high in antioxidants. Tack on some protein-filled favorites, like eggs, on some whole grain toast and you have yourself a nutritious treat that just won’t quit.

The process for making quality toast is oh-so-simple and can look instantly Instagramable. We’ve put together – and taste-tested, of course – a few tasty options to help you make the most of your toast.

Step 1: Choose a bread that best works with ingredients; multi-grain and whole wheat are favorites, but sourdough works for more savory toppings.

Step 2: Toast the bread in a toaster or conventional oven (350 degrees) until golden brown and crispy.

Step 3: Top with your favorite ingredients (and snap a photo for the world to enjoy, as well)!

Classic Avocado Toast

Toppings: Mashed avo, grilled onion, red chili flakes or sriracha, lemon peel, pepper, coarse salt & olive oil

Mashed Avocado

Green Guru + Eggs Toast

Toppings: Pureed avo, romain lettuce, hard boiled egg, fresh chives & sriracha garnish

Green guru eggs

Mexican Grilled Mango Avo Toast

Toppings: Mashed avo, chopped mango + onion, salt, pepper, lime, crumbled queso fresco (Mexican cheese) & cilantro

Mango Salsa


Toast toppers can go well beyond avocado. There’s a whole assortment of combinations that can create a unique and tasty snack, whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet.

Creamy Pineapple Toast

Toppings: Ricotta cheese, grilled pineapple, fresh basil & honey

Pineapple & Cream

Mediterranean Treat Toast

Toppings: Light cream cheese, sliced figs, drizzled honey & sprinkled with bee pollen

Mediterranean Treat

Delightful Dessert

Toppings: Whipped topping, lemon zest, raspberries & blueberries

Delightful Dessert

For more inspiration, explore the #avotoast hashtag on Instagram and add some of your own kitchen creations. Enjoy!

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