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Add These 4 Plants To Your Home To Clean Air Naturally

A few months back, I read an article titled “Millennials Are Filling Their Homes — and the Void in Their Hearts — With Houseplants” and while it gave me a good laugh, it wasn’t too far off. The trend of luscious greenery spilling from every corner of bars, restaurants, salons, coffee shops, stores, and living spaces has taken over – my home included. With the combination of student debt, high rent, and changing lifestyles, millennials tend to move slower than previous generations. However, the desire to nurture is the same. Cue: plants, one of the easiest ways to partake in the act of caregiving. With this responsibility of tending, we’re filled with a sense of purpose and connection.

According to a study mentioned in The Guardian, having houseplants in offices increases employee productivity by 15%. Being more connected with one’s environment promotes relaxation and calmness. To put it simply, plants make us happy! Beyond all of the feel-good benefits, they’re also extremely beneficial to our surroundings. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide to remove toxins and freshen up the air. A natural detoxifier means that when the oh-so-familiar office cold goes around, germs won’t be sitting in stagnant air.

In our office and home life, we are often exposed to poor air quality. And we spend most of our time indoors! Without well-ventilated spaces, pollutants can build up. Our daily life is filled with more toxins than ever before – furnishings, cleaning products, building materials, upholstery, pollen, bacteria and molds. So in addition to being Instagram-worthy, plants provide an easy, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing way to improve the quality of your surroundings.

As we transition into spring, longer and warmers days give the perfect excuse to refresh your indoor setup. Giving your plants the right amount of water, sunlight and positive words will help them grow faster and be better at clearing the air. No need to have a green thumb, these air-cleaning plants are easy to care for:


clean air with plants
Photo: Houseplantshouse

Seeking for the perfect office plant to add a splash of color? Dracaena is an eye-catcher with long, spiky green leaves that have red edges. It’s easy to care for and can tolerate low light, making it a great addition to the workplace. Water when the soil gets dry and prune if it gets too tall and lanky.

ZZ Plant

plants to clean air
Photo: Greenery NYC

One of the resilient plants around, the ZZ plant can survive both low light and sunny spots, as well as infrequent waterings. The waxy, dark green leaves give a nice shiny look – borderline plastic – but don’t worry, you’ll know it’s real.

Snake Plant

plants that clean air
Photo: Chelsea Garden Center

Also called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, this is a great beginner-friendly plant because it’s pretty simple to keep alive. While it occasionally needs water, it prefers dry conditions and a little sun.


plants that clean air
Photo: The Sill

My personal favorite, this sturdy indoor plant has dark leaves with yellow, cream, or white marbling. Pot in a hanging basket, let it climb up a trellis, or watch it grow along your desk. It tolerates low light, but can also grow in medium to high light with waterings when the soil gets dry.

We’re more than happy to hop on this trend and bring nature indoors. Freshen up your space (and air quality) this spring and soak up the benefits!

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Alyssa Moeller is a writer, yoga enthusiast, runner (for fun) and strong supporter of staying fueled with healthy foods and extra coffee. She keeps inspiration alive with traveling, good tunes, spontaneous ocean dips, tending to her plant collection, and exploring life's curiosities. Follow her adventures on and off the mat at @alyssasmoeller.


  1. A “better for you” house plant is the easy to grow “spider” or “airplane” plant, chlorophytum comosum. The important thing to know about this plant is that it gives off oxygen 24 hours per day! Most house plants give oxygen during the daylight hours, but carbon dioxide at night. The Spider plant was tested by NASA for use in the space shuttles. It comes varigated with stripes of green and creamy white or in solid medium green. It takes up less space and looks great in a hanging basket with the “spiders” floating down around the mother plant.

  2. Just to give a heads up, the pathos plant is great but beware as it is toxic for children and animals (adults too if they decide to eat it).

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