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Our Story

We followed our dad’s footsteps in sharing whole food nutrition with the world.

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Where It All Began

Our dad Bud Keith was a pioneer in health food before most folks had ever heard of ‘health food.’ He worked to create his own line of whole food supplements, proteins and omega oils to aid in the nutrition typically lacking in daily diets. His passions led him to open Healthouse, the first gym and juice bar in San Diego, California, right on the boardwalk of Mission Beach.


Hitting The Road

Mom, Dad and us kids lived and traveled by motorhome as Dad toured the country lecturing on the value of whole food nutrition. From auditoriums to living rooms, we grew up learning about health, wellness and the importance of fresh food.
Dad always tinkered with recipes that would keep our king-size family well-fed while on the go, because, as kids, we didn’t like taking our whole food supplements. One day, he ground up a serving of his superfood supplements, mixed them with freshly-ground organic peanut butter, honey and his blend of whole food protein, took one bite and declared, “It’s Perfect!”—and the Perfect Bar recipe was born.


In The Keith Family Kitchen

We made and sold Perfect Bars the way other kids sold lemonade. We bought ingredients from local markets, mixed and rolled each small batch in Mom’s kitchen and sold them to just about anyone who’d buy them.


The Perfect Bar Brand is Born

When our dad became very ill with skin cancer, our family had grown to 13 kids. With nine younger ones still at home, we knew we had to find a way to provide for the family. So the oldest siblings came together to gamble it all and turn Dad’s refrigerated protein bar recipe into a business.


Which Brings Us To Today

Our dad has since passed, but his spirit lives on not only in the bars we make, but also in our brand principles: That food has to be real, quality (and taste) should never be compromised and family is everything. 


What We Believe

We believe a lot of things, like doing life your way, having fun in the kitchen and surrounding yourself with people who believe in your dreams. We believe that fresh, whole food ingredients are always the best choices and that eating healthy on-the-go should be as delicious as it is nutritious.

Who We Are

We’re Perfect Bar—The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar—a company founded out of the love of family and whole food nutrition.

Our Philosophy

We’ve come a long way from riding around the family motorhome touring the country as dad lectured on clean eating, but one thing will always remain the same – our commitment to producing the freshest, whole food protein bars on the market.

Taking Care of Our Community

Taking care of family is the foundation Perfect Bar is built upon. We care for each other, support our friends and extend a helping hand whenever possible. As a company, we give back to our local community with charity partners including: Monarch School, Feeding San Diego, Challenged Athletes and Junior Achievement.

Read more about how we take care of our community.

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