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Why Our Peanut Butter Cookie Kids Snack Bar is Perfect

At Perfect Bar, we work to nourish the mind, body, and soul with family, whole food nutrition and good vibes. As parents, this means nourishing our kids’ minds and bodies with the best, starting with what they eat. That’s why we created Perfect Kids — fresh-from-the-fridge nutrition, a clean ingredient label and a delicious cookie-dough-like snack that makes both big and small taste buds break into a smile.

7 Reasons Why Our Peanut Butter Cookie Snack Bar For Kids Is Perfect

It’s the delicious solution for both parents and kiddos. With perfectly hidden superfoods in each bar, Perfect Kids offers trusted, quality ingredients for the parents and a soft, chewy, yummy bite for the kids. To us, that’s a perfect win-win!

Our Perfect Kids Peanut Butter Cookie snack bar makes snack time fantasies come true. Freshly ground peanut butter and organic honey are combined with gluten-free oats for a yummy cookie-dough like bite. 8 hand-selected and perfectly hidden superfoods like kale, carrots, and sweet potato are mixed in to make a fresh snack bar that’s a happily ever after for the whole family.

Both of our new flavors boast 7 grams of protein — just the right amount of protein to keep your kids fueled up for whatever the day may hold.

Freshly Ground Organic Peanuts

Peanuts, technically legumes, aren’t actually nuts but they are one of the best out there. Peanuts are great for your brain health, full of vitamins and minerals such as folate, a mineral that is beneficial for brain health. You’ll find freshly ground organic peanuts in both Perfect Kids flavors, brain food for your kiddos.


8 Superfoods

Kale, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, carrot, beet, pumpkin, and cauliflower – the 8 superfoods your kids will be happily noshing on with every Perfect Kids Peanut Butter Cookie snack bar. Into true Perfect Bar fashion, we snuck the extra nutrition into a delicious peanut butter cookie protein bar so that you don’t have to disguise them yourself. Your kids will love it, but we know you love it even more.

Good On The Go

Just like Perfect Bar, Perfect Kids bars are good for one week on the go, out of the fridge and at room temperature. Refrigeration is purely to maintain optimal texture and consistency but rest assured, they will be perfectly fresh thrown in your purse or left in your kid’s lunch box for a couple of days (if they last that long).


Good Fats

Brain function and satiation are just two of the reasons why we love our good fats, and so will your child’s diet. Flaxseed oil and peanuts are two examples of excellent sources of good-for-you fats found in our Perfect Kids Peanut Butter Cookie snack bar and are essential for a healthy and well-rounded diet.

Filling In All The Right Ways

Perfect Kids will keep your kids fueled for soccer practice, dance rehearsal or during that road trip up to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Organic, Gluten-Free Oats

High in fiber, protein and slow-burning carbohydrates, oats make for the perfect source of longer-lasting energy for your kids! High-quality carbs like GF oats keep kids fueled and regular (possibly even more important TBH, right, moms?).

Organic Honey

Organic honey is so much more than just honey to us here at Perfect Bar. “From a 5-gallon bucket, that’s how we used it in all of our recipes. Actually, it’s how my mom still uses it,” Leigh tells us, Co-Founder and President of Perfect Bar. Not only does it sweeten our bars, but it holds our whole foods and superfoods together as you won’t find any chemical preservatives or emulsifiers in our bars.

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    1. Hey Leslie – Unfortunately the promotion is now closed. The link was only active while supplies lasted. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!

      Cheers to good health!

  1. I sooooooo look forward to trying these w my family and doing a review for other future customers! Just found your site! Stuff looks great!

    1. Hey Barbara – Unfortunately the promotion is now closed. The link was only active while supplies lasted. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!

      Cheers to good health!

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