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Fresh Snacking One Bite At A Time: A Look Into Perfect Bites

We’re taking a bite out of fresh snacking once again with the launch of our Perfect Bites, portable, packable, poppable protein bites for busy lives spent on the go. With 7g of whole food protein in every serving, Perfect Bites offer a whole new way of getting your protein throughout the day. They are designed for the moments in between — after breakfast before lunch (because brunching on a Wednesday isn’t really a thing), in the car after school before soccer practice, post-workout and pre-dinner. Some of life’s best moments are found in those times in between, and now there’s a snack for every occasion, no matter how big or bite-sized.

A Look Under The Lid of Perfect Bites: A Fresh Take On Protein On The Go


“We knew this was going to be fun,” says Charisse Keith, Director of Operations and 6th oldest of the 13 Keith siblings. The task at hand was something brand new to Perfect Snacks: develop a bite-sized version of a Perfect Bar-like snack while staying committed to the formula we’ve all come to recognize and love. The result is a fresh-from-the-fridge cookie-dough-like bite that hits taste, familiarity of brand, and a nutrition label that truly can stand on its own. “Our fans were looking for an additional format to enjoy the flavors they love,” says Charisse, “something that was portable in a different way than a bar. They are enjoying the bars in the morning, but were looking for something to satisfy that midday slump.”

Enter Perfect Bites.

They are portioned out with 4 servings in every cup, so you can have a handful of Perfect Bites throughout day and still be on track with whatever your health goals may be, all while simultaneously enjoying a snack that actually tastes good and fills you up.

“I’m really proud of what the team created. This was a project we’ve spent so much time on and a whole new thing for Perfect Snacks. I’m thrilled it’s finally out in the wild!” – Charisse Keith

Schedules are busier than ever and oftentimes, people head to workout, run errands, and pick up their kiddos after work before heading home for dinner. Perfect Bites make all that shuffling and exercising a little bit easier and definitely helps to stave off that dreaded hanger.

Portable, Packable and Reusable

The best part according to Charisse? “I travel a ton with work, and I can honestly say that Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Perfect Bites have quickly become my new favorite snack. It’s a pop of protein that easily packs right in my purse. The reusable and resealable cup is my favorite part!” Laughing and immediately adding, “Well besides the taste of course!”

Perfect Bites are crafted for fresh snacking on the go and just like our other Perfect Snacks products, they are to be stored in the refrigerator for optimal freshness and texture. Take your Bites with you in the morning and pop them back into the fridge at night or during the day.

The cups are recyclable, but we encourage everyone to reuse them! From herb gardens to Marie Kondo-approved bathroom organization, the Perfect Bites cups are the perfect containers and can be used in all sorts of creative ways.

Check out ways our Perfect Snacks team has been using theirs.



Perfect Bites, Can You Top That?

Perfect Bites offer something that our fans have done for years — they add a little protein topper to homemade meals and snacks. Beyond just the convenience, Perfect Bites are portioned to take the guessing out of adding extra protein onto toast, acai bowls or smoothies. In the health community, macros, protein intake and calories matter, and now what Perfect Bites does is offer a delicious, nutritious protein boost pre-portioned to support those who are tracking what they are putting into their bodies.

One cup has 4 servings with 7g of whole food protein in each serving. It’s a cookie-dough taste with the Perfect Snacks nutritionals you can rely on: 20+ organic superfoods, gluten and soy free, organic, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Ready to enjoy life’s bite-sized moments?

Perfect Bites are now available in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter.

chocolate-chip-peanut-butter-bites peanut-butter-bites


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  1. This is the first bar I’ve found that actually keeps me full until lunch at my nursing job! Thank you! Can’t wait to try the bites!

    1. Hey Pam — Thanks for reaching out to us and of course, for being a fan! The main source of sugar in our bars is the organic honey. We use it not only because it provides sweetness, but it also works to bind our bars together and acts as a natural preservative, as we don’t use any chemical preservatives. Though there are no plans to change the core recipe, we are always looking for innovative ways to make our bars more accessible for all diets. I will be sure to pass your feedback and suggestions along to the rest of the team, cheers!

  2. I have to thank a Trader Joe (TJ) customer for sparking my interest in your Perfect Bar. Last week at TJ, I saw this young lady grab about 8 of your bars–of course, I was curious so I went and grabbed one and put it in my buggy. I stashed my lone bar at work and hadn’t thought much about it, until today. I was at work and starving and remembered that bar I had stashed—OMG, it was a taste of heaven!!!!! I quickly started trying to find out all I can about your product and have placed my first order with you. Thanks for a wonderfully delicious, product.

    1. Hi Karen – Amazing story! So glad that you tried our Perfect Bars and loved them. We can’t wait to have you continue to try new products and flavors. Enjoy!

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