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7 Reasons Why Our Kids Chocolate Chip Snack Bar is Perfect

Kid snacks tend to be one of two things: too sugary or devoid of quality nutrition. When we set out to create a whole foods kids bar we knew that we wanted to create a taste little ones would love because all parents know if it doesn’t taste good, they aren’t eating it! And, almost more than anything, we wanted to design a snack that had whole food protein and a nutrition label parents could trust and feel good about feeding their kiddos. And so, Perfect Kids was born — a cookie-dough-like taste with 8 perfectly-hidden superfoods and 7g of whole food protein. Get a peek behind the wrapper and get to know our newest addition: Chocolate Chip Perfect Kids bar.

7 Reasons Why Our Chocolate Chip Whole Food Snack Bar is Perfect

Cookie-Dough-Like Texture

We had one little customer exclaim: “It tastes like cold cookie dough!” And with that, we knew we were on to something. Perfect Kids Chocolate Chip bar offers a delicious cookie-dough-like texture and taste thanks largely to the addition of gluten-free oats. They create a nice soft and chewy bite that kids love.

Fresh In The Fridge

Just like Perfect Bar, Perfect Kids Chocolate Chip is free of chemical preservatives and emulsifiers which means they are stored in the fridge, too. The fridge partners with organic honey to keep the bars fresh and bound together. You can find Perfect Kids in the kid’s refrigerated section.

Proudly Non-GMO

Why use genetically modified ingredients when mother nature makes them perfect? We’re proud to be Non-GMO Project Verified on all our products. So parents, rest assured the bars you’re feeding your kiddos are clean little seedlings who grew up to nutritionally nourish the Perfect Bar fam, no matter how small.

Gluten-free Always

Gluten-free little ones? Not to worry! Our Perfect Kids Chocolate Chip bar contains gluten-free oats for an added fiber boost and to create the yummy cookie-dough-like texture. Also, every bar is crafted in our dedicated gluten-free kitchen so any gluten sensitivities are safe with us.

Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Chips

The chocolate chips in our Chocolate Chip Perfect Kids bar are Fair Trade, which means the chocolate does more than just make your kids happy from the inside out. It gives back to communities where our chocolate comes from. It’s a sweet relationship!

Low GI For The Win

The glycemic index is a great resource to find out just how balanced your snack is. A food that is low GI means that it will cause a slower, lower rise in blood sugar thanks to its make up of protein, fat and fiber. The great part about that, especially for parents, is that low GI snacks will not cause a sugar spike and crash, but instead sustain your kiddos and keep them fuller, longer. Learn more about the glycemic index.

Lunch Box-Ready

Sized at just a third of our original Perfect Bar, Perfect Kids is the perfect portion for your little ones. It is a nutritious breakfast bar, on-the-go snack before soccer practice, or an afterschool treat to hold them over till dinner. It’s an all-day treat that will make you the hero of snack time.

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One Reply to “7 Reasons Why Our Kids Chocolate Chip Snack Bar is Perfect”

  1. Thank you for creating a food that is as nutritious as it is delicious! And great for on the go! My favorite ( so far ) is the almond butter Perfect Bar.

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