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The Perfect Pre and Post-Workout Snacks to Help You Perform Your Best

If you’ve got a solid exercise routine going, then hats (or sweatbands) off to you! Oftentimes, just slipping into yoga pants and getting out the door is half the battle. Equally as important, though, is your routine before and after you break a sweat. Yup, we’re talking about you eat.

You wouldn’t go on a long run without stretching before and after, right? In that same vein, consider your pre and post-workout snacks part of your overall workout routine. While individual nutritional needs may vary, generally speaking, your snacks should be a strategic balance of carbs, good fats and proteins to satisfy your hunger, give you the energy to kick into high gear, and aid your body in the recovery process.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few easy and delicious snacks that’ll do your body good and help give you the energy you need to get out from under the covers.

pre-workout snack

Pre and Post-Workout Snacks To Add To Your Routine

Pre-Workout Snacks

Your pre-workout snack should be high in carbs (yes!!!) with the intent to charge up your body for the butt-kicking that’s about to come. Why you ask? During workouts, your body’s sugar needs are elevated and your muscles rely more on fast-burning carbs for energy and strength; think of it as literal fuel for the machine that is your awesome bod.

oatmeal workout snackHere are some tasty examples:

Post-Workout Snacks

On the other hand, your post-workout snack is all about protein, which is crucial for getting your muscles all the nutrients they need to recover. Since the body is continuously breaking down proteins, your diet should provide sufficient quantities, especially after exercising when it’s most in need.

post-workout snacks protein smoothie

Which protein route should you take? Try a few of these:

Alright, guys. Now, that we’ve given you something to look forward to before AND after you work out, there are no more excuses. Time to fuel up and head out. See you at the gym!

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