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Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp: A Recipe Worth Celebrating

Perfect Bar celebrations are never complete without some delicious treats and family stories. And not surprisingly, we have some nutty stories to share. It is in our true, zig-when-they-zag spirit that we decided to celebrate our 13th anniversary as a company with the launch of a special flavor.

To honor our lucky 13th, we went back into the kitchen to roll out something brand new. Introducing Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp – a decadent, creamy and nutritious treat worthy of a celebration. With the trusted 20 organic superfoods found in every bar, this new recipe adds an upscale, treat-yourself twist never before seen in our lineup.

Why chocolate hazelnut? Simple really: It’s delicious! It is rich, decadent and a delightful challenge for our innovation team. “It’s our shot at Nutella,” says Bill Keith, our Co-Founder and CEO.

“But we wanted to do it our way and the result is phenomenal. It’s creamy, crunchy and still upholds all the whole food ideals Perfect Bar is known for.”

For the first time, we actually melted Fair trade dark chocolate into the peanut and hazelnut butter blend that creates a smooth, luxurious bite. And the crunch? That’s sorghum – a versatile, gluten-free grain. It holds up to the creamy butter blends and adds that fun crispy crunch to the bar.

We have 13 siblings behind Perfect Bar so creating the 13th flavor on our 13th anniversary was a silly opportunity we just couldn’t pass up. We feel so lucky to nourish world kind with our protein bars. We stand behind our products, ingredient integrity and too-good-to-share taste! And what we have learned over the years, is that you do too!

You have entrusted us with the health of you and your family and brought us into households across the country. We’d like to use this 13th-anniversary celebration as a way to say thank you to our fans, our growing family, and our loyalists who have been with us since day one.

Here’s a little thank you and a look back at the last 13 years:

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Cat Canada is the Content Manager at Perfect Bar.


    1. Hey Jessica — Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp was only available at Trader Joe’s for the season so unfortunately, most Trader Joe’s locations are out of stock for the season. However, we do have a small amount of this flavor available online via while supplies last! Cheers to good health!

  1. I found a few of the peanut butter hazelnut chocolate crisp at Aldi’s. First time I had seen them in my hometown. Delicious!

    1. Hey Ilene — Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp is a seasonal, limited batch flavor. We hope it’ll make a comeback – stay tuned!

  2. This flavor is the best! I wish it was permanent. I just found them at Aldis and thought it sounded good so I bought a few and I wish I had bought the entire display.

  3. Please make this a permanent flavor! Typical Trader Joe’s: gets you hooked on something amazing then it disappears or is “seasonal”. We want this year round!!

  4. Found them at Aldi in Wilson NC. Bought all they had. Calling around to other stores to find more. Most definitely needs to be a permanent flavor and more available!!

  5. I have been searching for this flavor for months ever since I discovered it and it disappeared. This is the reason I got into Perfect Bars – you should seriously consider making it permanent, it is by far your best flavor – I’m still looking for one to replace it, but no luck so far 🙁

    1. So happy to hear you are a fan of Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp Deb – I will certainly pass your feedback along to the rest of the team!

  6. The chocolate hazel nut crisp perfect bars really are perfect! So many protein bars on the market taste like cardboard. This flavor is the best on the market! It must become a full time flavor so I can stick my fridge with them.

  7. Please bring these back!!!! They are by far the best flavor you make. Absolutely should be a permanent flavor!

    Ordered a box of 24 and just came back to order more. So upset I can’t curb my Nutella craving with these!

  8. Bring them back! They are so so good! And the crispiness is something unseen before in those type of nut butter bars. You have a winner! I would pay more just for them (and I’m broke)…

  9. Amen to bringing Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp back permanently! I’m parceling out my remaining couple of dozen before they expire in July (addicted, no?). Love so many flavors, but CHC is THE best!!!

  10. Wow, somehow got my hands on one of these and they are by far my favorite flavor. They’re perfect. Please please please bring these back!!! Need these in my life.

  11. Wanted to add to all the comments above, with the hopes of the choc hazelnut coming back forever. It is sooo delicious!!

    1. Hey Emily! We’re happy to say that Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp is available online and in Aldi locations nationwide!

  12. Is it still available? Natural Grocers tried to order 3 times for me and they never came from the warehouse?? I could not order on your website either.

    1. Hey Jeff! Chocolate Hazelnut Crips is available online and at select retailers including Aldi and Wegmans!

  13. Hazelnut is my absolute favorite flavor. My five year old loves them too. Usually get them at Aldi. You need to have your retailers do a taste test and I’m sure they’d decide to stock them. I can never find them at Target or Hyvee. Only Aldi. And when I do see them I buy as many as they have!!!

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