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Family Stories

The Family Behind The Brand

The Keith’s are a family on a mission

At the helm of the nutty operation at Perfect Snacks is our family — the Keiths. We were brought up unlike other kids and gambled it all on the unconventional idea of putting a protein bar in the fridge to show for it. We learned early on the importance of whole foods, family and believing in yourself. And here we are today, nearly two decades later, with an ever-growing product line of refrigerated protein snacks that can be found in more than 35,000 stores nationwide. To say it’s been a wild ride is an understatement, but one we will always treasure for all of its wins and lessons along the way.

Here’s our story.

The Road To The Refrigerator

Hitting the road

Where It All Began

Our dad Bud Keith was a pioneer in health food before most folks had ever heard of ‘health food.’ He worked to create his own line of whole food supplements, proteins and omega oils to aid in the nutrition typically lacking in daily diets. His passions led him to open Healthouse, the first gym and juice bar in San Diego, California, right on the boardwalk of Mission Beach.

Hitting the Road In The 80s

Mom, Dad, and us kids lived and traveled by motorhome as Dad toured the country lecturing on the value of whole food nutrition. From auditoriums to living rooms, we grew up learning about health, wellness and the importance of fresh food.

Dad always tinkered with recipes that would keep our king-size family well-fed while on the go, because, as kids, we didn’t like taking our whole food supplements. One day, he ground up a serving of his superfood supplements, mixed them with freshly-ground organic peanut butter, honey and his blend of whole food protein, took one bite and declared, “It’s Perfect!”—and the Perfect Bar recipe was born.

Growing The Keith Family Kitchen In The 90s

We made and sold Perfect Bar the way other kids sold lemonade. We bought ingredients from local markets, mixed and rolled each small batch in Mom’s kitchen and sold them to just about anyone who’d buy them.

Perfect Bar, The Brand, Is Born

When our dad became very ill with skin cancer, our family had grown to 13 kids. With nine younger ones still at home, we knew we had to find a way to provide for the family. So the oldest siblings came together to gamble it all and turn Dad’s refrigerated protein bar recipe into a business.

Perfect Snacks Today

Our dad has since passed, but his spirit lives on not only in the bars we make, but also in our brand principles: That food has to be real, quality (and taste) should never be compromised and family is everything.

perfect snacks company photo

We are proud of the business we’ve built. From only a few refrigerated protein bar flavors when we started to now a full lineup of Perfect Bar, Refrigerated Peanut Butter Cups and Snack Size bars, we’re humbled at where this brand has grown. Our family extends well beyond the Keith’s now and includes every single person who works at Perfect Snacks in San Diego and beyond and every single person or family who trust us enough to bring our products into their home.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives. We know you make ours a little more perfect!

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Family Stories


  1. I love your bars, especially the Chocolate Mint flavor! Please consider keeping it as a regular flavor. It’s amazing!

  2. I came across these bars at Costco the other day and I am obsessed with them! My family has always been big into holistic nutrition, so I was thrilled to find out that not only are these absolutely delicious, but they are great for you! Thank you for making such a tasty, yet healthy bar! I went back and bought a few more boxes…

  3. Being gluten free and processed sugar restrictive, I fell in love when I found your bars! My husband and I travel a lot, and these bars are a lifesaver for never being hungry on the road. I eat one every morning for breakfast with kombucha and now my grandkids come over and pack their lunch with a bar, carrots and fruit. We have just found the dark chocolate and sea salt peanut butter cups…. our new favorite snack! Thank you for making my life easier as well as healthier!

  4. The absolute best protein bar out there! I’ve had all the others and they don’t even compare. Besides being high in protein, the taste is simply amazing. The almond butter is my favorite along with the double chocolate. I’m glad my wife found and tried them because now I’m hooked. As an avid gym rat, this also serves as a good meal replacement if needed. Keep up the great work!

  5. I love your guys’ product. I have been eating a Perfect bar everyday for the past, oh I don’t know…maybe 6 months! I’m addicted to them, they are great. I’ve noticed though that the Almond Butter bars don’t keep the same consistency. Some of them are so tough they are hard to bite into and very dry (and oddly, larger), while others have so many oils that you can see it through the packaging and they taste very “honeyish”(and are smaller), and then you have some that are in-between. Whenever they are the dry, hard kind I just end up throwing them away. It’s tough because that’s one of my favorite flavors and it’s hard to tell what you’re going to get when you buy them. The other flavors don’t seem to have this issue though. Just my feedback…thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Ayla – Thanks so much for the feedback! We’ll be sure to pass it along. The difference you’re picking up on can be traced back to the inherent difference between peanut butter and almond butter themselves. Peanuts have slightly more protein, less fiber and a different fat composition than almonds, which contributes to this texture difference.

  6. I truly enjoyed the Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter & Peanut Butter Cookie snacks, however your refrigerated snacks I found at the Aldi Store on 721 Paseo Kansas City, MO are no longer stocked. The snack is so easy on the digestive system could you look into selling your snacks from this location again. Real Soon, Please! Thank You.

  7. These bars are absolutely amazing! I have been sharing these with coworkers and now the local Walmart can’t keep them stocked! Please keep delivering quality protein snacks! So glad I found y’all at Starbucks!

  8. Just had a Perfect Bar to go with my coffee at Starbucks. I met Bud Keith at one of those living room talks in Fullerton CA in 1974 which started my journey of healthy eating. Great to see what the Keith kids have done!

    1. Hi Philip – We love to hear that Perfect Snacks has been an integral part of your health journey. Thanks for sharing such a great memory and for being a fan!

  9. My husband used to sell honey to Perfect Foods back in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Great product!

    1. Hi Brenda – Sounds like your Husband knew our founders when they were younger! Happy to have you has a fan after all these years. 🙂

  10. I buy Perfect Bars at Trader Joe’s in New Jersey, but they are often out of stock. My daughter will only eat the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor. I can’t find them on your website or anywhere on line to order. Where can I find them?

  11. I love Perfect Bars
    I’m an old fellow, 76, neither exercise nor a gym rat,
    but do prefer to eat Healthy Foods .
    Almond Butter is my go to favorite – I’m not a chocolate or peanut butter fan – and sometimes just have a Salted Carmel for variety .
    I wonder how many people have taken the time to read your story ?
    Perfect bars are a Great product . I love them ..

  12. This is the best protein bar I have tasted. I love it because it is so healthy and doesn’t spike the sugar in my body. Usually healthy bars have no satisfying taste or have an after taste that is left in your mouth. This protein bar tastes like dessert to me whenever I choose to eat one with coffee. Yummy! Thank you for providing a bar that is packed with nutrients and taste. I always look forward to a new flavor that is posted. I really appreciated the buy one get one deal. :))) God Bless as you continue this family business!

  13. My boyfriend and I love love love your bars! He loves your peanut butter one and the peanut butter chocolate chip one. He eats them almost everyday for breakfast. Me on the other hand love them all ( my favorite is the hazelnut one yum!) I am so glad that I tried them a couple years ago.

  14. Absolutely delicious and filling! I bought these at Sprouts where and work and was completely surprised how they fill me up where I actually don’t want to eat! I’ve eaten 2 so far this week and both times im full. They’re so good, sweet and satisfying. Im definitely buying more.

  15. I work on a cruise ship and found these wonders in a health food shop in Juneau, Alaska.

    They have fueled my workouts and performances on board since. I love them. Thank you!

  16. From Illinois here! There are a lot of grocery stores in our area that sell perfect bars but only one that sells the chocolate hazelnut crisp (which is the best!). Apparently everyone else thinks so too and we all flock to that one store on their shipment day to get all the bars. If you don’t show up that day, all of them will be gone until the next week. They’re amazing!

    1. Hi Sue – Sorry to let you know, but Blueberry Cashew has been discontinued. Keep an eye out for new flavors in the coming months!

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