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6 Reasons to Harness the Power of Honey

We use organic honey as a natural sweetener in every Perfect Bar flavor and for good reason! It’s chock-full of healthy benefits for our bodies, both on the inside and out! Make the switch to raw or organic honey to soak up all the good-for-you vitamins, minerals and enzymes not found in refined honey.

Here are 6 reasons you should harness the power of honey in your everyday life:

Balm for Boo-Boos

With powerful antiseptic and antibiotic properties, honey–specifically, raw Manuka honey–naturally soothes and protects burns, cuts, scrapes, and pressure ulcers (bedsores) from bacterial infection. Why? Honey Bees produce an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which bees add to the plant nectar they collect. During this chemical reaction, hydrogen peroxide is produced, lending honey its wound-healing properties.

Settles Stomachs

Got an upset stomach? Add a dollop of honey to your favorite herbal tea (ginger and mint top our list) for a natural remedy to treat an upset stomach. With proven anti-inflammatory properties, honey coats and soothes the stomach lining to lessen the symptoms of acid reflux, morning sickness, and other tummy troubles.

Curbs Coughs

Raw throat…Sleepless nights…Annoyed co-workers…Persistent coughs are a drag (for everyone!). A mom-approved, time-honored remedy, honey is an effective cough suppressant– sometimes more so than many over-the counter medicines. With its soothing properties, just a spoonful of honey mixed in warm water or swallowed straight can deliver calming relief for coughs.

Supports Sleep

Counting sheep not working? Before tipping back some sleep-inducing medicine (with a load of possible side effects), try a spoonful of honey at bedtime first. Honey can help you get your snooze on by supporting the body’s production of serotonin and melatonin.

Blasts Blemishes

Honey acts as a blemish buster, face wash, and hair strengthener! Before grabbing the acne treatment, try dabbing a small amount of honey on an unsightly pimple. The natural antibodies have healing power equivalent to your acne treatment but without the harsh chemicals or moisture-sucking properties. Honey also acts as a natural face wash, by moisturizing your skin and making it feel soft and refreshed.

Antioxidant Boost

Even the most health conscious among us can up our antioxidant game. Afterall, antioxidants reduce the risk of some forms of cancer and heart disease. That’s where honey comes in. Rich with flavonoids and polyphenols, daily consumption of this superfood is a sweet way to boost your natural defenses.

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Mackenzie is the Associate Social Media Manager at Perfect Snacks.


    1. Hey Sue — Thanks for reaching out to us! We use organic wildflower honey that has been pasteurized and filtered through a 150 micron or finer filter. Hope this helps and cheers to good health!

  1. hi
    I want to buy more perfect bar
    But you do not charge internationally.
    Is there a solution to the problem in the future?

    1. Hey there — Thanks for reaching out to us and for wanting to give us a try! Unfortunately, we are unable to ship our product outside of the US at this time. Cheers to good health!

  2. I love your bars but can you tell me if they are fattening if eaten on a daily basis? Other protein bars can be detrimental to your weight loss regimen and sometimes can be harmful rather then helpful.

    1. Hey, Susan! Thanks for writing in. We encourage you to talk to your doctor to find out if Perfect Bar fits into your fitness routine. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I’ve not gained weight when relying on eating the Perfect bars whether as a quick midday snack or for missed AM protein. They seem to satisfy hunger pangs without added calories that would cause slow digestion. I only miss the Carob bars the most as they were very good and seem to have left the shelf for good : (

    1. Hi there – We’re so gad that you are a fan of our Perfect Bars! We’re always crafting up new innovation, so stay tuned!

  4. I received my these perfect bars today so happy I bet i`m one of your oldest customers eating these bars for as long as you been in business they are the only bar that I like

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