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Perfect Bar On the Go: Your Questions Answered

“Perfect Bar is The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar, but you say it’s good for up to one week on the go, outside the fridge. What exactly does that all mean?”

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry – we get these questions all the time. To clear up any confusion, and encourage you to bring your fresh protein bars on a few more care-free adventures, we’re answering your pressing Perfect Bar out-of-the-fridge questions.

1. For how long can my Perfect Bar be out of the fridge?

Let’s start off with the big one. Here’s what you need to know: Your Perfect Bar is safe and delicious to eat for one entire week outside of the fridge at room temperature. In other words, you can eat your unrefrigerated Perfect Bar for seven days without any cause for concern.

To the following scenarios, we say yes, you can still eat your bar:

  • If you leave your Perfect Bar in your car from the morning to lunch.
  • If you leave your bar in your car overnight.
  • If a whole box was stored in the pantry for two days because Bob didn’t get the memo.
  • If you order online and the package arrives while you’re away for a long weekend trip. (But no promises that your neighbor won’t swoop on that delivery!)

2. What is the recommended amount of time outside the fridge for the best Perfect Bar texture, flavor and eating experience?

Good one – we’re so glad you asked! We have to admit that the answer is a bit subjective. From a health and tastiness perspective, we advise taking your bar out of the fridge and letting it warm to room temperature. If you can wait that long, you’ll enjoy an extra creamy, cookie dough-like texture and the perfect crunch from the nuts.

Pro eating tips from Perfect Bar HQ worker bees:

  • “I like to warm mine up; I get to eat it sooner and the bar practically melts in your mouth!”
  • “I like to take mine on my morning commute, and let it get up to room temp. It’s like a treat I get to eat every morning at my desk!”
  • “30 minutes out of the fridge. No compromise.”
  • I like to freeze mine so that it stays cool until I get to lunch.”

But if you like yours cold and refreshing right out of the fridge, by all means, do you!

3. What happens if my bars are out of the fridge for longer than one week? Do they spoil? Will I get sick?

No need for alarm, friends. Though we definitely don’t advise eating your bars after the recommended one week, you won’t get sick if you do. You will experience a less than perfect bite if you leave the bars out of refrigeration mainly due to oil separation. Because the oils will begin to separate from the rest of the bar (think a jar of organic peanut butter), the bar will begin to get dry and hard. Like we said, not so perfect!

If any of the following problems arise, we say yes, you can still eat your bar:

  • We lost power overnight in a storm.
  • My refrigerator broke!
  • All of the ice in my cooler melted.
  • Our flight was cancelled!

No need to worry, your Perfect Bar is good to eat for up to one week outside the fridge.

4. One week? So, you’re saying I can bring Perfect Bar with me … ?

Perfect Bar lovers rejoice! Your bars are good for seven days out of the fridge and they are ready to play! That means, if you’re heading out on a surfin’ safari or a day on the slopes, your favorite fresh protein bars can join you, fuel you and keep you moving.

When and where else can you take yours bars? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Camping trip in Zion National Park
  • Girls trip to Palm Springs
  • 3-day cruise to Baja
  • Cross-country flight
  • School field trip
  • Cross-country road trip
  • Your honeymoon to a secluded island
  • Or, fill in the blank with your own week(end) adventures!

5. So, remind me: Why do the bars have to be refrigerated?

Perfect Bar is The Original Refrigerated Protein Bar, with only organic honey and refrigeration as natural preservatives. Because we don’t use artificial additives or shelf-stabilizing preservatives, our bars need the cold of refrigeration to stay fresh.

Perfect Bar is both fresh from the fridge and good on the go. When you can, store your bars in the fridge for optimal freshness. When adventure calls, pack your bars and hit the road – they’ll taste great for up to one week at room temperature.
. . .

Do you have more questions?
Check out our Perfect Bar FAQs.

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Cat Canada is the Content Manager at Perfect Bar.


    1. Hi Debbie – Everybody has different sensitivities to sugar and carbohydrates; whether our products fit your diet is a personal choice and we always recommend that you consult your physician or a registered dietitian.

      That being said, many people purchase Perfect Snacks because they fit into their healthy lifestyle. Our products contain ample protein, good fats and most are a good source of fiber, all of which work together to modulate our body’s glucose response. In fact, all of our products have tested low glycemic index, which means they cause a lower and slower rise in blood sugar to keep you fuller, longer.

    1. This could be a riddle! 🙂 Some people enjoy bananas, oatmeal, or just the bars by themselves! Enjoy!

  1. If you leave your bars out of the fridge over night, how long will they last when you finally put them in the fridge? Will the cold make them last longer than the recommended week after being left out? Because it sounds like the only concern is oil separation.

    1. Hey Teresa — Thanks for reaching out with this question! Our bars are good out of the fridge for up to 7 days, after that, we suggest popping them back in the fridge to cool down and go back to their normal consistency. All that is going to happen is the oils in our bars will naturally begin to separate from the dry ingredients. We hope this helps!

  2. I normally love these bars but mine never left the refrigerator and are very oily to the touch and quite dry to eat. Very disappointing since a box is almost $10 :/

    1. Hey Kristen — Oh no, we’re so sorry to hear this! Please feel free to reach out to our team via and someone from our team will be in touch. Thank you again for your feedback and cheers to good health!

  3. Hey!

    Which ingredients ‘go off’ if the bar is left out of the refrigerator?

    I know keeping it chilled maintains the freshness but just curious which bit reduces the shelf-life!! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Ben – Since we don’t use chemical preservatives or overly-processed ingredients, refrigeration is required to maintain the optimal freshness, consistency and flavor of our bars. It also helps keep Perfect Bars in well, bar form! If Perfect Bar is left out for over a week, they may lose their overall freshness and will start to dry out as the oils from the nut butters separate.

    1. Hey Nancy! Yes, Perfect Bars can be frozen – we suggest keeping them in a freezer safe bag to prevent freezer burn. Cheers!

  4. I took bunch of bars on our 3 hour car ride to the beach in a lunchbox w ice packs. We had leftovers so I put them in a cold but not frozen lunch bag to bring home and then put them in the fridge. Are they still okay to eat or is that too much back and forth? And if u do leave a bar out for a day and then put in fridge will it be okay until the Best Buy date?

    1. Hey Jillian! Nope, they should still be perfectly fresh! Our bars are okay out of the fridge for up to one week – if you decide not to eat them right away, just toss them back in the fridge to cool down. Hope this helps!

  5. When stored in fridge a few days, some of my bars are oily to the touch and actual bar seems drier than normal. Am I storing them incorrectly? Do they need to stand upright versus flat perhaps?

    1. Hey V. Powell! Thanks for reaching out to us with this feedback. It should not matter how they are stored in the fridge, as long as they are in the fridge. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team via and they would be happy to assist with this feedback!

  6. Hi! I would like to know if there’s any way I could get perfect bar in Europe. I have done some research to see if I can get it shipped in my country but havent find anything.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Naomi – Unfortunately, at this time, we only ship within the USA. We hope you get a chance to try Perfect Snacks, in the future.

  7. I bought a bunch of these bars and the packages were already opened on the top and really oily is that normal?

  8. I’m just triple checking (I promise I read everything, including all the comments). The “one week out of the fridge” rule is about quality only; there’s no safety concern. Is that correct? I’m trying to convince my dad to get into these; he goes on long hiking trips that can sometimes last longer than a week. He wouldn’t have a cooler or anything like that on the trip.

    1. Yes Amy, you are exactly correct! They are okay to be left outside of the fridge for up to one week.

  9. Let’s say I want to only eat half of a bar per serving. If I cut them in half and put them in a ziploc do you think that they would keep well?

    1. Hi Kaylie – Great question! If you want to save some of your Perfect Bar for later, storing it in a sealed bag in the fridge is the best way to do so. We also suggest consuming it within a week for optimal texture and consistency.

  10. How long do you think they’re safe to eat if kept faithfully in the fridge? I just found some hidden in the back, and they’re two months past the date on them. They went straight from the refrigerator case at the store to my fridge with maybe 5 minutes at room temp.

    1. Hi Ray – Perfect Bar can be out of the fridge for up to 7 days and, if not eaten during that time frame, can be stuck right back into the fridge. When refrigerated, the bars are best consumed by the expiration date listed on the wrapper. You can also freeze Perfect Bars to extend the shelf life.

  11. I bought over 50 Perfect Bars to help get through this terrible time. Can I freeze them and then just set out to defrost? All in their own package.

    1. Hi Stacie – Perfect Bars are a great option to have on hand. You can freeze them and to defrost, just stick them right back in the fridge or, if you plan to eat one, you can defrost it out of the fridge, as well. 🙂

  12. Hi! How long do the bars last INSIDE of the fridge? I have been stocking up due to sales. However, I want to make sure they wont spoil on me anytime soon.

    1. Hi Brianna – We recommend checking the expiration date that is located on the wrapper. It is the best reference for how long the products stay fresh in the fridge.

  13. My local Hannaford grocery store does not sell these refrigerated. Will they still be good? I didn’t realize this until Instacart brought them to my house

    1. Hi Elizabeth – Perfect Bar is good out of the fridge for up to 7 days and our Refrigerated Peanut Butter Cups are good for up to 2 days out of the fridge. If not eaten by then, you can stick them right back in the fridge!

      If you know the address of the store, our team can reach out! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    1. Hi Anika – Our products are cold-pressed, never heated or baked. After all ingredients are mixed together, the bars are stored in the refrigerator, then packaged and shipped out. They have a cookie dough like texture that keeps you feeling light on your feet and fueled throughout the day.

    1. Hi Samantha – So glad you are loving this flavor! The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Perfect Bar is only available at Trader Joe’s. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Amanda – The nutrition label is for one Perfect Bar which is one serving. We are unable to give nutritional or health guidance, so we advise you to speak with a healthcare provider to determine what is best for you. Thanks for being a fan!

  14. are perfect bars okay for dogs? my boyfriend loves to share food with our dog, and i know some peanut butters have xylitol in them?

    1. Hi Liz – We can’t provide dietary advice for humans nor our furry friends, our office dogs sure do enjoy them! That being said, every breed is different, and we suggest reaching out to your vet to ensure they’re the right fit for your pet.

    1. Hi Tim – We can’t provide dietary advice for humans nor our furry friends, our office dogs sure do enjoy them! That being said, every breed is different, and we suggest reaching out to your vet to ensure they’re the right fit for your pet.

  15. I have had my bars for a few months now. I have kept them refrigerated though! how long do the bars stay good for when refrigerated?

  16. I want to try different flavours in Canada but your website doesn’t ship to Canada and retailers here only stock peanut butter, coconut, and peanut butter chocolate chip. Is there any other way I can try the other flavours?

    1. Unfortunately, at this time, those are the only flavors available in Canada. We hope to expand our flavors, soon.

  17. UPS Sure Post picked up two packs of Chocolate Chip Peanut Perfect Bars on Jan 5 and it is now Jan 21 and still not delivered in Roanoke VA. Maybe today through 24. My autistic grandson’s favorite breakfast. Will they be safe to eat when/if they arrive? Ordered through Amazon. I told his mom to check them when/if they arrive and the above information was helpful.

    1. Happy to hear this post helped, Dawn! Rest assured if our bars arrive warm, they are perfectly fine to eat, just pop them back into the fridge when they arrive.

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