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Perfect Snacks Gives Back and Takes Care Of Families Near and Far

At Perfect Snacks, we have a legacy of supporting our family, employees, and the community. It is at the root of what we do. From feeding families in our local community with in-kind donations to offering volunteer opportunities for every Perfect Snacks employee, we believe that making a positive global impact starts with local actions at home. Here’s how Perfect Snacks gives back.

Giving Back is in Our DNA

The Keith Family grew up with “giving back” instilled in their values, from their parents who consistently placed an emphasis on contributing as much as they could to their friends, family and even complete strangers.

“Our dad would always be the first to offer a helping hand, meal or even a place to spend the night to someone who needed it,” said Perfect Snacks CEO and Co-Founder Bill Keith. “I knew that his mindset was always that giving back would pay off in the long run – whether that was in the form of ‘good karma’ or someone literally helping us when we were in a bind – it was a mentality all of my siblings and I grew up with and still have as adults.”

Since then, the Keiths’ vision has been to expand this mindset into Perfect Snacks and continue making a positive impact on the community, both locally and globally. At the helm of the company’s efforts is Perfect Snacks President and Co-Founder Leigh Keith.

“I’m a firm believer that Perfect Snacks wouldn’t be where it is today without the incredible community support, near and far, so it’s of the utmost importance that our team gives back when and where it can,” said Leigh.

The Perfect Perks Program

Each year, as part of the company’s Perfect Perks Program, each Perfect Snacks employee is allotted 20 hours of paid time to volunteer with a charitable organization of their choice.

Leigh continued, “We don’t want lack of time or missing work to be an excuse for why our team chooses to not volunteer at organizations and give back to those who could really benefit from it. I think this program instills our values into each and every employee in a tangible way.”

Meet Our Charity Partners

Though employees are encouraged to volunteer with charities they’re interested in or passionate about, the below charities are ones with whom Perfect Snacks has and continues to coordinate volunteer opportunities with:

Feeding San Diego

Perfect Snacks partners with Feeding San Diego by volunteering at their local warehouse to help pack, sort, or prepare food to be distributed to local kids and families in need, as well as donating bars to their donation centers throughout the year. Additionally, in November of 2017 and 2018 fundraising efforts, the team raised more than $40k in individual donations, which provided more than 200,000 meals to those in need.

The Monarch School

Perfect Snacks donates its time and products to Monarch School for various events and opportunities. In February 2018, Perfect Snacks put together Valentine’s Day snack and swag packs for the various grades and sent volunteers to distribute them, on site.

Junior Achievement

Perfect Snacks participates in JA’s BizTown event – a simulated city built, populated, and governed by kids. During the most recent day at BizTown, in January 2019, the team assisted students with their personal financial accounts, duties and responsibilities for the day. Perfect Snacks is also an annual sponsor to JA’s programs which encourage entrepreneurship and life skills to elementary and high-school students.

Sustainability for the Planet and People

In 2019, Perfect Snacks launched its sustainability initiative with the help of a brand new in-house committee: The Super Green Team. The team is comprised of Perfect Snacks employees with a vision of supporting both the betterment and health of people and the planet and translating that vision into the everyday routines of our employees. Education combined with creating an environment where sustainability is at the forefront is the key to the team’s initiatives gaining traction with employees.

The team hopes to make a positive impact on the community, both locally and globally, by continuing to support employee volunteer hours with even easier ways to participate and offer opportunities to make an impact in our global supplier community.

We are grateful to be a brand that has the ability to support our employees, inspire them to take an active part in the health of their community and give back to the city that started it all for us — San Diego!

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