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5 Simple Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress, Calm Anxiety and Prevent Fatigue

As tax season approaches, long working hours mount, and the demands of everyday life take their toll, so will the body’s response to these daily stressful situations. While brief amounts of acute stress are normal, it’s the long-term chronic stress that is dangerously linked to diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

Check out these 5 simple yoga poses to calm the mind and nervous system, while boosting immunity to avoid long-term stress. All of the following poses can be performed in sequence or you can do any pose whenever you’re feeling stress, anxious, or fatigued.

Cat Walker, certified yoga instructor at Spirit Yoga suggests breathing deeply while holding each pose anywhere from 5 to 10 full breaths. Check out this video, give them a try for yourself. Let us know if you experience the feeling of calm. After all, it’s a great state of being.

5 Simple Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress, Calm Anxiety and Prevent Fatigue from Perfect Bar on Vimeo.

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