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Netflix Picks that Will Inspire You to Get Off the Couch

Yes, we’re taking the alluring (and comfy) “Netflix and Chill” up a notch. While we all deserve some down time, it’s easy to get stuck binge-watching episodes of Game of Thrones or Homeland, and before you know it, you’ve spent your whole day on the couch.

We’re starting the notion of “Netflix + Werk” to get the best of both worlds out of this pastime. Check out the movies that will get you motivated, inspired and just downright excited to hit the ground running!

The Movie: Yoga Is

When one young female filmmaker lost her mother to cancer, she set out on a mission to understand her grief and go deeper into her practice. The result? Yoga Is. When you press play, you’ll travel all over the world with Suzanne, meeting tons of famous yogis and gurus along the way. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or a long-time student, this documerntary will inspire you to toss your “namaste in bed shirt to the side and get to a yoga class for serenity.

Your Workout:  Get in touch with your inner yogi with these sun salutations that you can do just about anywhere.

Yoga Is.

The Movie: Rocky

Whether you’re watching for the first time or the fiftieth, this 1976 classic gets us amped every time. Rocky Balboa — played epically by Sylvester Stallone — is an unknown boxer who spends his days working for a loan shark and his nights fighting in sleazy clubs for little money nor respect. But, when he gets the chance to fight world champion Apollo Creed, he seizes the opportunity to try and make a name for himself. It’s one part underdog story, one part love story and all parts awe-inspiring. Get “Eye of the Tiger” ready to go on your workout playlist, this one’s a classic!

Your Workout: Stair running — with shadow boxing in between sets, of course.


The Movie: Step Into Liquid 

“It’s not a part of this world. You’re stepping into liquid, you’re stepping off of concrete ground and into an element that is always changing and moving, and it’s surrounding you… and it feels good.” – Serena Brooke, professional surfer from Australia.

Step Into Liquid is a story that follows a trio of American brothers who decide to take on the Atlantic surf, from the Irish Coast to Rapa Nui in the Pacific. If you’re looking for sheer magic in the form of movie clips and a look inside the minds of those who rip around the world, this film has to be at the top of the list. Here’s to those who love to get lost in our liquid playgrounds.

Your Workout: Get your feet wet by hitting the beach and catching the surf.

Step Into Liquid

The Movie: Rudy

It’s the classic, lovable and based-on-a-true-story underdog tale: Rudy Ruettiger dreams of playing football at the University of Notre Dame, but he can’t afford the tuition and doesn’t have the grades for a scholarship. Frankly, there’s all kinds of mishaps working against Rudy: he suffers from dyslexia, is smaller than the average football player, and his best friend passes away, yet he still gets accepted to his the school of his choice to live out his dream. You’re gonna love the way this one plays out. And maybe even shed a tear or five. 

The Workout: Build a rock-solid upper body and base — like 2x Crossfit Games athlete Noah Ohlsen. Check out his 15 Minute AMRAP Challenge here and get ready to feel the burn.


The Movie: Man on Wire

In 1974, French tightrope walker Philippe Petit performed a daring “walk” between New York City’s Twin Towers. And by “walk,” we mean the 24-year-old spent 45 minutes between the two buildings — a quarter-mile above the ground — walking, dancing and even laying down on the wire he and his friends strung between the rooftops. If you’ve got a fear of heights, be forewarned: You may just want to “walk” to the next selection. Be bold and brave the watch; you won’t be disappointed.

Your Workout: Slacklining. Pro tip: Start out close to the ground — with a helping hand.

Man on Wire

The Movie: Rising from Ashes

If you’ve ever thought your hometown, neighborhood or current situation is what’s holding you back from great achievement, you’ll want to catch this documentary and then think about it again. Rising from Ashes tells the story of Rwanda’s first national cycling team and its quest to move past the country’s genocide to make it to the 2012 Olympic Games. It’s a story that’s both heart-wrenching and hopeful, but by the end, you’ll find yourself making fewer excuses for why you just can’t get off the couch.

Your Workout: Forget the spin bike and head outside; the fresh air will do you and your body good after Netflixing so hard.  

Rising from Ashes

The Movie: 180 Degrees South

In this documentary, Jeff Johnson sets out to retrace the 1968 journey of his heroes — environmental activists Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins — to Patagonia, South America. As he travels by boat, Johnson surfs, gets shipwrecked, and prepares to climb Rio de Janeiro’s Cerro Corcovado. The surfing and climbing footage is borderline surreal, and the story takes a motivational turn when Johnson gets to actually meet the two men who changed his life. Whoah is right!

Your Workout: Don’t think you’re ready to start scaling mountain tops? Give rock climbing and bouldering a try at your local indoor climbing gym.

180 Degrees South

The Movie: Maidentrip

Ah, to be young again: first dates, school dances, a jam-packed social schedule and no real-world pressures weighing on your shoulders just quite yet. Unless you’re Laura Dekker, who at the ripe age of 14 decided she wanted to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world. By herself. Seriously. This documentary uses footage Dekker shot at sea to follow her two-year voyage on board a 38-foot ketch, named Guppy, adorably. Let this be a lesson: you’re never too young (or old) to start.

Your Workout: If you wanna sail like Dekker, you’re gonna need to beef up your arms. This circuit will get you there.


The Movie: Mile… Mile & a Half

Imagine: Instead of getting up and going to work one morning, you and your friends say, “Eh, no,” and go on an epic adventure instead. Well, that’s pretty much the story of this documentary, in which five friends ditch their daily lives in California to spend a month hiking the 219-mile John Muir Trail. The scenery is gorgeous, the people are cool and the trip proves unforgettable — so, good luck watching this and then not calling in sick tomorrow with a case of incurable wanderlust.

Your Workout: Go off-road for a nature hike or kick things up with a more adventurous trail run. Check out these 10 Epic Running Adventures in America’s National Parks.

Mile… Mile & a Half


And with that, well — we gotta run. See ya out there!

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