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Our Favorite Protein-Rich Foods (Besides Meat!)

Getting the recommended amount of protein each day doesn’t always mean downing a burger or chomping on some chicken. Check out these foods that contain insane amounts of protein, perfect for giving your body its required nutrients and strength.


With eight grams of protein per cup, quinoa proves to be a protein powerhouse as well as a great substitute for grains or pasta. Make quinoa the star dish with this recipe for crispy quinoa patties; we love the fact that they are filling and packed with flavor. Serve on top of salad or enjoy falafel-style with your favorite sauce.


Black, white, pinto, you name it; beans are a mean source of protein. Two cups of kidney beans provide as much protein as a Big Mac! The versatility of beans makes it easy to incorporate into any meal. Add to tacos, sprinkle on top of salad, or make into a hearty soup. Just make sure not to toot in front of someone cute.

Nuts & Peanut Butter

Nuts are packed with protein, heart-healthy fats, and immune boosting vitamins and minerals. Choose raw or dry roasted nuts to avoid hydrogenated oils and other varieties packed full of added sugar.


One cup of edamame boasts and impressive 17 grams of protein, earning soy a seat at the protein-rich foods table. Sautee with soy sauce and minced garlic, and you’ll be hooked!

Chia Seeds

With two tablespoons having 5 grams of protein, a chia seed shake is an excellent post-workout meal that will give your muscles the recovery it needs. Add a scoop of protein powder after an extra-strenuous workout. Check out our article about the multiple ways to incorporate chia seeds into any diet for even more innovative recipes.


We’ve all heard that tofu is good for you… but some are hesitant of this squishy, tasteless cube. Let all weariness wash away as tofu provides extremely high amounts of protein; a cup can contain as much as 20 grams.

Cube up some soft tofu and add to chicken broth or miso soup for a chilly winter day. Or, mix up the routine stir fry with some firm tofu for added texture and a boost of protein.


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