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5 Reasons to Send Your Kids Packing… Lunch, That Is!

There’s nothing like the back-to-school season, whether you’re still in school, have kids who are or are just nostalgic thinking about the “good ‘ole days.” It’s about shopping for fresh school supplies, a killer new wardrobe, and meeting new friends. And of course, we can’t forget everyone’s favorite period – lunch!

For parents, packing a nutritious lunch you know your child likes will ensure they’re getting the necessary fuel and sustained energy they need to perform their best in the classroom and on the field. After all, school lunches aren’t always the most nutritious; they can be full of GMOs, empty calories and… umm… questionable ingredients. Though there have been some improvements to the school food system, including ridding vending machines of sugary drinks and incorporating sustainable supplies to eat with, a packed lunch from home is still the best bet.

It can be overwhelming to think about packing a lunch five days a week (or multiple lunches, depending on your household), but there are plenty of reasons to make it a habit:

Lunch items with faces
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1. It’s Personal

It might be cliche, but adding that personal touch, whether it’s an encouraging note or a funny face drawn on a banana can go a long way, both in the short term and the long term. From kindergarten to 6th grade, a mid-day reminder that someone is thinking of you is an A+ feeling at any age.

2. It’s Different

Eating the same old cafeteria food day in and day out doesn’t exactly excite the kiddos. It’s easy to come up with a varied menu to keep kids interested with what’s in their lunch box. And besides, the more they like what you pack, the less they’ll trade for something you don’t.

3. It’s Yummy

It can be tricky to find a balance between healthy and tasty – but it’s not impossible! Knowing what your kids like to eat, and figuring a way to incorporate that into a nutritious lunch will ensure they’ll eat those nutrients you worked so hard to put together (pssst… packing a snack-sized Perfect Bar counts)!

4. It’s Responsible

Involve your little ones in the lunch-packing process. Let them fill baggies with snacks or make fun sandwich skewers. Not only does this promote responsibility, but it’s also great bonding and learning time.

5. It’s Earth-Friendly

While some schools are making headway with compostable trays and responsibly sourced materials, you can do your part by buying reusable products (like Lunchskins!) as well as environmentally friendly containers and utensils. Reducing the use of disposables is, of course, great for the environment and it instills those values into youngsters.

Needs Inspiration? We got you.

If you need some help with what to make, here is a link to over 100+ lunchbox recipes  that are both healthy and delicious. And, don’t forget to pack Perfect Bar Snack Size! With six grams of protein and 20+ superfoods, you will be the super hero of lunch time. Eat up!

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  1. I like that you point out that one of the reasons to have your child take lunch to school is that it provides a personal touch. I can see why this would help your child feel your love and care even while at school. I know that school for children can be stressful and emotional. I like to write little message on the bags I use to tell them how much I love them.

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