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How to Organize Your Fridge — and Keep It That Way!

How to Organize Your Fridge — and Keep It That Way!

You’ve just finished putting away the groceries when tiny hands start rummaging through the snacks and produce. Well, it was nice knowin’ ya, perfectly organized fridge! But with these easy-to-follow tips, you’ll be able to unleash your inner Marie Kondo and keep your fridge as tidy as can be.

Get On a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Try to get into the routine of cleaning out the old contents of your fridge — we’re talking about all those soggy leftovers and nearly-empty milk cartons — once a month. Then, perform a deep clean of your fridge every three to six months. This process should involve putting all of your food into a cooler, turning off the fridge for a couple of hours, and removing the shelves and drawers so you can wash them with hot, soapy water.

Move Colder Items to the Bottom

Did you know that your refrigerator’s temperature is different depending on what part of it you’re using? It’s true: The top shelf and door are the warmest, while the bottom shelves are the coldest. Therefore, you need to organize accordingly by:

  • Keeping meats on lower shelves to avoid spoiling.
  • Placing beverages, spreads, and refrigerated snacks on the top shelf.
  • Letting all of your condiments live inside the door.
  • Tucking fruits and veggies into crisping drawers to keep them fresh.

Bring in Some Clear Bins

Once you return home from the grocery store, feel free to get rid of the excess packaging around your items. For example, remove the top half of your Perfect Snacks box so the treats are easy to grab.

After you’ve eliminated the extra packaging, you can bring in a few clear bins and place your products into them. For better organization, we recommend grouping items that are commonly used together or in the same food category in the same bin. For example, put condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard in one container.

If you decide to use clear bins for organizing the contents of your fridge, you can go a step further and create labels for each one. That way, your family has no excuse for not putting the refrigerated products where they belong!

Keep Popular Items Front and Center

While keeping your refrigerator’s temperature in mind, you’ll also want to arrange the contents of your refrigerator based on usage. That means everyday essentials stay in the front of the fridge while once-in-a-while ingredients get tucked further back. That way, when your little ones go rummaging through, they’ll be less likely to create chaos.

Let Perfect Snacks Censor the Mess

We get it — fridge organization is great in theory but hard to do in real life, especially if you have little ones. If you have trouble keeping your fridge tidy, just remember: As long as there’s space on the shelf for Perfect Bar, then you’re good. One blissful bite of cookie-dough-like texture, and you’ll quickly forget about the mess.

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